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New Year's Resolution - Stop Working On Your Swing!

Derek Highley - Thursday, December 10, 2015

That may sound like an odd resolution coming from a golf instructor, but let me explain.

Unfortunately most golfers go about trying to improve their golf game and lowering their scores through an ongoing search for improved technique and swing mechanics.   Setting off to the practice range to work on things such as making a "better takeaway", "keeping the head down", "getting the club parallel at the top" etc, etc ... only to find that they have flashes of brilliance during their practice but never really seeing those results carry over to the golf course or sink in long term. 

If you have fallen victim to this vicious cycle of trying to find the "magic move" not to worry, you are certainly not alone.  The problem with this approach is that not only does it leave you working on the wrong things but you are also working to improve in the wrong way.

Most instruction advice is focused solely on the technical aspects of the golf swing, mistaking the swing style of a top player for truths.  There are many myths floating around out there in the golf world and over the winter months I'll pass along some of my favourites and explain how you can avoid falling victim to them.

So, back to our resolution: "Stop Working on Your Golf Swing".  What should you be doing?  First off, most things that I see that would be labelled as swing faults with golfers stem from a misunderstanding of concepts.  You need to have a clear picture of what you should be trying to do and why, be able to distinguish between what is style and what is skill, knowledge of concepts will help you separate these two things.  Then to get to where you want to go you first need to know where you are.  This is where you can enlist the help of a coach or teacher.  Find someone who understands that there is more then one way to swing a golf club and knows how to measure your current skill level and how best to practice and train for long term results while allowing you to keep your particular style. 

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