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23 More Yards Without a Swing Change

Derek Highley - Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Simple Experiment Shows How Many Golfers Are Losing Yardage

Who couldn't use a little extra yardage?

Even though hitting the ball a few extra yards may not lower your scores by as much as you may think and that a little extra yardage probably is not the answer to all of your golfing problems, having the ball fly farther is still up near the top of most golfer's wish lists.

For many golfers finding that extra yardage can be simple and it does not require a major swing change, extra yardage is well within reach for everyone.  One of the major keys to optimizing your distance is to make sure that you are hitting the centre of your clubface or in other words hitting the ball in the "sweet spot".  In this little experiment that I performed I saw a dramatic loss in distance or increase in distance, whichever way you want to look at it (23 yards with a 6 iron) from just the simple change of where I was striking the club face.

The image below shows the club and ball flight data captured with the Foresight GCQuad launch monitor (which is awesome by the way!) for my first shot which was struck pretty much in the centre of the club face (the red circle above). The numbers to focus on here are the Clubhead Speed which was 87 mph, Ball Speed which was 120mph and the Carry Distance which was 169 yards.

Red Circle Strike -

Now on my second shot I intentionally hit the ball more towards the toe of the club (blue circle in the above club image).  The set of images below show you the results.  For this second shot the Clubhead Speed was 84mph, the Ball Speed was 108 mph and the Carry Distance was 146 yards.

Blue Circle Strike -

A Loss Of 23 Yards!

The conclusion that we can draw from this is that the main factor responsible for the loss over 23 yards of carry distance is the off centre hit.  Both of these shots were struck with pretty much the same clubhead speed 87mph vs 84mph, both were struck solid, meaning I did not skull or chunk either of these shots.  Even though there is a drop of 3 mph in the swing that is not enough to produce a loss of 23 yards.  The big differentiating factor here is the location of the strike.

The skill of hitting the centre of the club face is often overlooked and certainly undervalued.

If you are looking to add a few yards to your shots or wondering why you have dramatic changes in distance from shot to shot you need to start paying attention to where on the club face you are striking your shots.   The skill of hitting the centre of the club face has a lot more to do with hand eye coordination and spacial awareness then it does with perfect technique and mechanics.

Hitting more shots in the sweet spot is a skill that can be improved by anyone through focused practice.

Watch The Short Video Of The Centre Hit Test