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Putt To The Coin

Derek Highley - Monday, September 24, 2012

Putt to The Coin

Everybody loves to step up to the tee and just bomb a drive that flies high and far or hit that perfect iron shot, you know the one that is struck so squarely right on the sweet spot that you don’t even feel it. But the truth is when it comes to capitalizing on those nice shots you need to be able to get the ball in the hole. Nothing can derail a round quicker or is more frustrating than routinely missing short putts. Golf Drill - Putt to the Coin

I am a firm believer that speed control is the most important factor when it comes to good putting. Using the “Putt To The Coin” drill is a great way to get the feel for hitting your putts the correct speed and to free yourself up from being so locked in on the line when you are over short putts.

To get started find an old cup hole on the practice green. You want to use an old cup as opposed to an actual cup because you want your ball to roll over the old cup mark so you can get feedback as to how far past the hole you are rolling your putts. Place a coin 18 inches behind the old hole mark. Why 18 inches? It has been determined that the perfect speed to roll a putt is one that would finish 18 inches past the cup. This speed allows putts that are a bit off line to “lip in”; while it is still firm enough that the putt will not be affected by imperfection in the green. Then place a tee on each side of the cup about half a ball width from the lip. (see pic 1) We are placing the tees down because if you learn to roll your putts at the optimum speed you have effectively increased the size of the cup because you will get the benefit of your putts “lipping in” as opposed to “lipping out”. The tees now represent the width of the cup for putts struck at the optimum speed. This will give you more confidence over short putts because you now have a bigger target.

You are now all set to start working on making more of those knee knocking 3 to 6 footers. Your goal with this drill is roll putts to the coin placed behind the cup. Your focus should be on getting the right speed, let the line take care of it self. Putts coming up short of the coin where not stroked hard enough, while putts going past the coin where too firm. You will quickly discover your tendency.

All great putters have one thing in common, superior distance control. Using this drill to help you improve your distance control will not only help you make more short putts it will transfer over and help with long putts and lag putting.

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