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Swing To The Rhythm

Derek Highley - Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I love to watch experts perform their craft, whether it is painting a portrait, playing an instrument or hitting a golf ball.  No matter what the activity or skill that you are watching you always come away amazed at how easy these professionals make it look.  Granted they have near flawless mechanics, optimized potential and a huge amount of talent, but what brings it all together and gives it that look of effortlessness, what makes it pleasing to the eye, is rhythm.

So how can this help you and your golf game?  Well, you can work really hard, taking lessons and hitting range balls, trying to get your club in all right positions and searching for a repeatable swing, but if you do not have rhythm it’s hard to bring all the pieces together.  Similar to a dancer who may know all the right steps needed to perform the waltz, without rhythm it just doesn’t work.  Rhythm has to be the cornerstone of your golf swing.

Golf Swing Rhythm

So how do you find your rhythm?  The key part of this question is “your rhythm”.  If you are someone who walks fast, talks fast and drives fast then chances are you are going to swing fast, the opposite being true for those of us who may move a little slower.  Think of Nick Price compared to Fred Couples.  Great swings, great golfers, great rhythm, just different tempos.

To develop great rhythm and find your tempo try this drill. It involves three positions. The top of your backswing is position 1, the top of your follow through is position 2 and your in-balance finish is position 3 (see picture). From your set-up position, take the club to the top of your backswing and count “1”.>Swing through to a complete follow-through and count “2”.  Now with hips, shoulders and belt buckle facing your target bring your hands down to your waist and count “3”.  Repeat this over and over counting 1-2-3 out loud or in your head.  You don’t need a ball for this drill.  You can do it anywhere, your garage, your office, your kitchen.  Concentrate on swinging in balance and finding your natural rhythm and tempo, all the best golfers in the world have found theirs.  Once you have honed in on your rhythm repeat this drill as often as you can to really ingrain tempo because it is going to be put to the test once you step onto that first tee and have a golf ball in front of you.  Will you be disciplined enough to make the same beautiful rhythmical swing that you where making in the comfort of your backyard? That’s the challenge.  Once the rhythm goes, mechanics are quick to follow.

If you ever get the chance to get out to a professional tour stop to see the best in golfers in the world in person, watch the rhythm. Try to find a player with similar rhythm to yours and visualize their rhythm the next time you are playing or practicing.

They make it look so easy!

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