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Derek Highley - Friday, February 19, 2016

Have you been searching for the perfect swing?

Are you getting tired and frustrated of not seeing much improvement in your game?

Wondering if you are focusing on the wrong thing?  What is the "right" thing anyways?

Which one of the swings below is the "right" thing?

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The above picture is of seven different PGA Tour pros at the top of their backswings so obviously they must all be "right" because each of these swings belongs to a top player in the world.  This is what can make golf so confusing, all too often we get so focused on style and searching for that magic move that we lose sight of what is ultimately more important then having let's say a "parallel club shaft at the top" or a "flat lead wrist" or "keeping your head down".

What the above players all have in common is that they are freakishly good at hitting a golf ball solidly towards their intended target regardless of their chosen style on how to accomplish that task.

Make this the year that you get off the hamster wheel and start to make progress in improving your golf skill and lowering your scores instead of looking to perfect your swing.  Now don't get me wrong I'm not saying that anything goes here, technique still is an important piece in the puzzle.  I just want to get you thinking that it is not the only piece and it should not be your main focus every time you go to the practice range to hit a bucket of balls.Golf Lessons London Ontario

What I find more commonly with golfers who come to see me for help is a misunderstanding of concepts, they are not clear on what they should be trying to do with their golf swing, what makes a ball go where, what is happening when they hit the ball fat or thin.  This is the case more often then someone showing up with a swing that just has no possible way of ever working.  Furthermore if their swing is outside a range of acceptability is has usually gotten that way because of a misconception and the person has actually worked themselves into this position through improper practice and trying to do the wrong thing.

The guy in the picture on the right has 41 professional wins by the way, even though his style may look a whole lot closer to yours then Adam Scott's.

So, what should you do?

First off you need to make sure that you are very clear on what the game of golf is asking you to be good at.  What are the primary skills involved in been a good golfer.  Then once you have this information you need to know how good are you at golf's most important skills and then you need to know how to go about improving your current level.  The best way to start is (here comes the sales pitch) with a Swing Evaluation Session.

If you are not familiar with a skill based approach to your improvement or if you are like most golfers very focused on your technique and style then this shift in thinking is going to be the game changer for you.  Focusing more on skill and less on style is going to free you up incredibly as you strive to reach your potential.  The biggest shift you are going to need to make is in how you approach your practice.  Golfers need to start looking at golf the way we would any other sport, more specifically the way our kids are involved in sports.  I know that when I register my children to play soccer I'm expecting a schedule that will be close to 1 game and 1 practice per week.  When my kids show up to practice the coach will be running drills designed to improve soccer's important skills, dribbling the ball, passing, shooting and there will also be some time spent on strategy, fitness and game simulation.  Does this sound even remotely close to the way you practice golf now?  Probably not.  Does this sound more familiar?  Head to the range, grab a bucket of balls and work on trying to hit it better, whatever that means and bouncing back and forth between tips hoping that something magically clicks.  If that sounds more like it not to worry, don't beat yourself too much you are not alone and it is not your fault.  The practice routine of hitting and hoping is how golfers have been trained to practice, unfortunately.

It doesn't have to be this way! (here comes sales pitch #2)

If you enjoy playing golf and feel as though you would increase your enjoyment if you could improve your current ability level then you owe it too yourself to take a look at joining one of our Peak Performance Programs.  Get involved in an improvement program that is designed more like most other sport's practice sessions and one that will show you how to make the mental shift needed to get on the right track to improving your golf game.  Put an end to the over analysis of every single movement of your swing or the bewilderment associated with not knowing what to do. 

The Peak Performance Programs are built around weekly team training sessions providing students with the right amount of individual attention within a group atmosphere to build, develop and improve skill.  Make this the year you finally take the necessary steps to increase your enjoyment of this great game.  For complete details and to register for upcoming Peak Performance Programs please click on the link below.

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