Beginner Golf Lessons

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We offer a variety of golf instruction options to help you get introduced to the game of golf. The goal of all of our Beginner Programs is not to overwhelm students with technique, mechanics and jargon.  The focus is on creating an ideal learning environment where students can quickly gain confidence and acquire key skills to establish a solid foundation upon which they can build putting them on a path to enjoying the game of golf for years to come.

Beginner Group Lesson Series

Swing Into Golf Program

The Swing Into Golf series is designed for the beginning golfer with little or no experience and provides a great start to the game of golf in SMALL groups and a quality learning environment.


4 Weeks of Instruction and Training - Meet Twice Per Week

  • 8 Hours of Teaching and Coaching
  • 4 Weekly Group Lesson Sessions (60 minutes each)
  • 4 Weekly Group Practice Sessions (60 minutes each)
  • Student to Teacher Ratio For Lesson Sessions Max 4:1
  • Attendees will receive access to our golf academy online instruction guide which includes video drills for each area of the game.
  • Focus of this program is on having a great start to learning the game, getting some practical experience, and establishing comfort with playing golf in an easy-going environment.
  • Golf clubs can be provided if needed

  • 2019 Swing Into Golf - Class Schedule: 

    Unable to commit to a month program?  Consider the Beginner Boot Camp as an alternative option.  Details Below.

    Beginner Golf Clinics - Beginner Boot Camp (3 hours)

    The Beginner Clinic is designed for novice adult players looking for an introduction to or an overall refresher of the golf swing.  If you have a bit of a hectic schedule and are not able to commit to a month long program then these one day clinics are the answer.  We cover the same information that is presented during our Swing Into Golf program just simply condensed into one day.  All students will receive video reviews as well as access to online drill videos to use as reference after the clinic.


    During our 3 Hours Together We Will Cover:

  • Obtaining a Clear Understanding of Concepts
  • Learning Golf's Most Important Skills
  • How Best To Practice To Improve Quickly
  • Solid Contact
  • Directional Control
  • Driver to Short Game
  • Student Teacher Ratio Max 5:1
  • Each student will also a receive a video recap of the day for review complete with online video drills.

    2019 Beginner Boot Camp Schedule

    Schedule Coming Soon

  • Beginner Golf Lessons

    Looking for 1 on 1 Instruction to get you started? Our Private Beginner Series may be the right fit for you. See details below.

    Private Beginner Lesson Series

    This is the perfect plan for those who are fairly new to golf and are looking for a overview of all aspects of the game to provide them with a solid foundation. The Beginner Lesson Program is a month worth of private instruction including 4 private 1 hour sessions.  We will work with your schedule as best we can to find a day and time that works, ideally we will try to schedule the private lessons 1 week apart.

    Each lesson concludes with a video recap of the session that is emailed to the student for later review.

    Student also receives access to 1 Group Supervised Practice Session per week.


    Four 1 Hour Private Lessons:

  • Lesson 1 - "The Basics".  Introduction To Golf's Most Important Skills and Understanding Concepts.
  • Lesson 2 - "Building Skill".  How To Best Practice To Improve Skill Through Drills With Feedback
  • Lesson 3 - "Playing The Game".  Introduction To Different Shots In Golf.  Driver to Short Game.
  • Lesson 4 - Review (bringing everything together)

  • To get started please complete our Contact Us Form and indicate your interest in the Private Beginner Series