Drive, Chip and Putt

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Junior Golf - Drive, Chip and Putt

A joint initiative founded in 2013 by the Masters Tournament, United States Golf Association and The PGA of America, the Drive, Chip and Putt Championship is a nationwide junior golf development competition aimed at growing the game by focusing on the three fundamental skills employed in golf

By tapping the creative and competitive spirit of girls and boys ages 7-15, the Drive, Chip and Putt Championship provides aspiring junior golfers an opportunity to play with their peers in qualifiers around the country. Participants who advance through local, sub-regional and regional qualifying in each age/gender category earn a place in the National Finals, which is conducted at Augusta National Golf Club the Sunday before the Masters Tournament and is broadcast live by Golf Channel.

We Incorporate Drive, Chip and Putt Into Our Sunday Junior Clinics

Junior Clinic Sessions Start The Week of May 6th, 2018

How Drive, Chip and Putt Works

Each participant will compete in all three skills (Drive, Chip & Putt).

Participants will accumulate points in each skill. The participant with the highest number of accumulated points will be declared the Overall Champion of his or her age category.

In the case of tie in the overall score, the putting rank will serve as the tie breaker (followed by 1) chipping and 2) driving if necessary).

Use of a putter is not allowed for competition in the Chip Skill.

Drive, Chip and Putt

Junior Golf Lessons


Drive, Chip and Putt

Junior Golf Lessons - Drive Chip Putt


Drive, Chip and Putt

Drive, Chip and Putt




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