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Have you ever been Frustrated or Confused with the lack of improvement in your golf game?

Get Started With A Swing Evaluation Session!

Starting out all new students with a Private Swing Evaluation Session is the best way to achieve a proper assessment of their current technique and allows us to accurately define their strengths and weakness. The insight obtained through the Swing Evaluation allows us to make better informed decisions when tailoring an improvement program that is based on a factual assessment of where you currently are coupled with  your long and short term golf goals.

Swing Evaluation Session
(first lesson with all new students)
60 minutes
Golf Lessons London Ontario

The Swing Evaluation Session is essential in getting your path to improvement off on the the right foot.  During the Swing Evaluation the student is provided with insight and information needed for a true understanding of what is required in order to improve their golf game.  The use of video analysis and skill assessment provides for a "fact based diagnosis" of the student's current ability level and swing mechanics allowing both coach and student to discuss the best path to success by prioritizing skill improvement.  Following the Swing Evaluation  students come away with a true understanding of their current strengths and weaknesses and their swing, separating "feel from real".   Armed with this information student and coach have a clear picture of a specifically tailored improvement program designed for their current needs.

Students are not pigeon holed into the latest and greatest swing model, "Skill Based" instruction allows students to maintain their own unique style while becoming more skillful and in turn better golfers.

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Individual Private Lesson Programs

2 Week Program
Swing Evaluation Session - 60 minutes
+ 2 Supervised Practice Sessions


1 Month Program
Swing Evaluation Session - 60 minutes
+ 1 Follow Up Private Training Session (60 min)
+ 3 Supervised Practice Sessions


3 Month Program
Swing Evaluation Session - 60 minutes
+ 3 Follow Up Private Training Sessions (60 min each)
+ 6 Supervised Practice Sessions


What is Supervised Practice?? Please click here for details


After initial Swing Evaluation Session, individual private lessons "a la carte" are $85 (60 min session with video analysis)

 All of the above pricing is subject to HST