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COVID-19 Update
In accordance with the Ontario Government's Phase 1 of the Re-Opening Framework we will be starting to offer Private Lessons beginning Tuesday May 19th and Small Group Sessions will begin the week of June 8th.

We will still need to hold off on a final decision for our Summer Junior Camps but please feel free to register for the Junior Camp.   Payment is not required at the time of registration and will not be due until a time when we know that we can move forward with the sessions.

Thank you.

Take Care and Stay Healthy!
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Peak Performance Coaching Programs

So Much More Then Just A Golf Lesson

I am very excited to be able to offer this specialized small Group Coaching Program again this season.  As a dedicated golf instructor I have unfortunately seen for many years how golf lessons have for the most part been failing students or at the very least not providing them with the best environment and resources to have them reach their full potential. 

Each session is fully coached with a focus on clarifying concepts, skill development, coaching and training.  Through the incorporation of industry leading technology (Foresight GC Quad Launch Monitor) and training aids students are provided with clear and appropriate feedback as they train which is a key component in the learning process. The small group sizes allow for personalized one on one attention within a group setting.

The Peak Performance Program provides students with the ultimate environment in which to reach and surpass the goals that each student has set for their game.

2020 Sessions - Start Date of June 10th

Start With - Intro to Peak Performance Series

Over the course of the six week program students will realize success and enjoyment in a dynamic teaching and coaching environment where clear concepts are outlined, explained and demonstrated.  The program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to get in lots of repetitions with quality feedback from the coach and others participants creating a "learn while doing" atmosphere where mistakes are encouraged and accepted as they are a key component to improving.

Classes will meet once per week for a 90 minute session focused on skill development, teaching, coaching and training leading to improved skills that can be successfully transferred to the golf course.

Maximum of 6 to 1 Student to Teacher Ratio

  • Target golf's most important skills (solid contact, directional control, distance)
  • Develop all areas of your game (driving, full swing, approach shots, short game)
  • Opportunity to Build and Develop Skill through Repetitions and Self Discovery with Feedback
  • Individual attention within a group setting
  • Clear Benchmarks and Assessment Tools
  • Learn effective and efficient practice habits
  • Transfer Training, how to bring it to the course

  • Cost $250 per Six Week Session

    2020 Sessions

    Wednesday Evenings Time
    Wednesday June 10th
    6:30pm to 8pm
    Wednesday June 17th
    6:30pm to 8pm
    Wednesday June 24th
    6:30pm to 8pm
    Wednesday July 1st
    6:30pm to 8pm
    Wednesday July 8th
    6:30pm to 8pm
    Wednesday July 15th
    6:30pm to 8pm


    Friday Evenings Time
    Friday June 12th
    6:30pm to 8pm
    Friday June 19th
    6:30pm to 8pm
    Friday June 26th
    6:30pm to 8pm
    Friday July 3rd
    6:30pm to 8pm
    Friday July 10th
    6:30pm to 8pm
    Friday July 17th
    6:30pm to 8pm

    Keep Training - Peak Performance Classes

    For students looking to continue with their training and improvement once they have completed the 6 week Intro Program or any Private Lesson Series.

    Your continuing Peak Performance Program starts with a Private 1 on 1 Session that provides you with a clear understanding of golf's most important skill and using the latest in Launch Monitor Technology we will clearly measure your current skill levels so we can define clear benchmarks for your improvement.  Following your Evaluation it is time to get started attending our small group Classes.

    Peak Performance Classes are scheduled on a variety of days and times to best accommodate varying schedules and availability.

    Register Today!

    Click On The Register Button Below And Complete The Short Online Form.

    Once you have completed the registration form you will receive an email with instructions on how to book your Initial Peak Performance Evaluation so we can get you started as quickly as possible on your path to playing better golf

    *Space Is Limited


    Pricing Options

     Unlimited Membership  
    - Monthly Membership pricing includes access to Unlimited Peak Performance Classes along with your initial Private Skill/Swing Evaluation plus Private Re-Evaluation session at the end of every 3 Months.
    3 Month Program $150/mth
    6 Month Program
    12 Month Program $120/mth
     Class Packages  
    5 Class Pack $250
    10 Class Pack $395
     Add in Open Practice  
    These "Open" hours provide students with an opportunity to enhance their program and speed up their skill acquisition by getting in some extra practice outside of scheduled class times.
    Individual Open Practice Sessions (1 hour) $20
    5 Open Practice Sessions (1 hour each) $75
    10 Open Practice Sessions (1 hour each) $125

    To view scheduled class days and times please use the "Click Here" button to the right. Peak Performance Golf


    Special Opportunity

    Attend A Complimentary Peak Performance Class (Next Session - date TBD)

    I believe so strongly in this program and know that it is the most efficient and effective way for golfers to improve their games and lower their scores that I am offering complimentary Peak Performances classes in order to have golfers experience it for themselves.  I am currently working on creating a schedule or these free classes over the winter months, ideally I will be able to offer a number of free classes each month.  The goal is to provide you with the chance to experience the class without any risk or commitment so you can better understand how the program works and then you can make a well informed decision as to what class option best fits your needs.

    These Group Training and Coaching Classes are so much more than just group golf lessons. These specialized classes focus on helping golfers Understand Key Concepts, Quickly Aquire and Build Golf Skills along with Learning Proper Practice Habits so that each individual golfer can reach their goals in a Fun, Effective and Ideal Learning Environment.

    - Limited Number Of Spots Available
    - 60 Minute Class

    Open To Adults 18+ Of Any Ability Level Click The Register Button Below To Secure Your Complimentary Spot.

    Next Trial Class is (date to be determined)

    For further information on any of our lesson programs please feel free to contact me through the Contact Us Form, telephone: 226-926-7060 or by Email and I will be more then happy to answer any of your questions.