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Indoor and Winter Golf Lesson Programs

At Canadian Fade Golf Academy we continue teaching throughout the winter months at Extreme Indoor Golf.  If you are looking to get a jump start on the upcoming season now is the perfect time to come in for an Indoor Swing Evaluation Session.   Whether you're looking to bring more consistency to your game, add a few more yards or increase your solidness of contact, during your Swing Evaluation Session we will overview your current technique, focus in on the area of needed improvement, discuss cause and effect and get you going on the path to better golf by providing specific drills for you to employ in your practice routine.

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There Doesn't Have To Be An End To Your Golf Season!

Isn't technology great!  With the advancements that have been made over the years golfers looking to improve their games no longer have to worry about the changing seasons or inclement weather.  With Golf Simulators and Swing Analysis Technology it is easy and extremely effective to continue to reach for and attain your golf goals all year round.

Canadian Fade Golf Academy has partnered with Extreme Indoor Golf in order to provide golf lessons year round.  Extreme Indoor Golf offers a great environment for working on your golf game.  The aboutGolf Simulator© is state of the art providing both teacher and student with accurate feedback.  The 3Trak simulator used during golf lessons is the same system seen on the Golf Channels popular Golf Fix program.

By combining the Club and Ball information provided by the AG Simulator with V1 Video Technology students are provided with an ideal environment for gaining skill

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