Winter - Indoor Golf Lesson Pricing

Where To Start?

If you are a new student or have not seen us in a while a great place to begin is with a Swing Evaluation Session. The Swing Evaluation Session is essential in getting your path to improvement off on the the right foot. During the Swing Evaluation the student is provided with insight and information needed for a true understanding of what is required in order to improve their golf game.

Swing Evaluation Session
(first lesson with all new students)
$85 60 minutes

Following the 60 minute Swing Evaluation students come away with a true understanding of their swing, separating "feel from real" and have a clear picture of a specifically tailored improvement path designed for their current goals.

Students are not pigeon holed into the latest and greatest swing model, "Skill Based" instruction allows students to maintain their own unique style while becoming more skillful and in turn better golfers.


Where To Next? Private or Small Group Instruction?

Improving Your Golf Game!

What is the best option for you? Individual Private Instruction or Group Coaching? We understand that everyone has different wants, needs and preferences so we offer a variety of programs.

Adult Group Coaching Sessions - Classes Start In December!

Peak Performance Program

The Peak Performance Program is so much more than just group lessons. These specialized sessions focus on helping golfers Understand Key Concepts, Quickly Aquire and Build Golf Skills along with Learning Proper Practice Habits so that each individual golfer can reach their goals in a Fun, Effective and Ideal Learning Environment.

- Maximum Student to Teacher Ration of 3-1
- A Variety of Days and Times to Select From in Order to Fit Most Students Schedules (60 Minutes Each)
- Improve Consistency, Gain Distance and Build Skill for Improved Ball Striking and Lower Scores.



Prefer Private Instruction?

Private Swing Evaluation Session
Swing Evaluation Session (60 min)
- GC Quad Club and Ball Flight Analysis
- Video Swing Analysis
- Diagnosis and Prioritization for Improvement
- Corrective Drills and Practice Provided
- Access to Online Video Lesson Review


Private Lesson Programs - Current Special Winter Pricing

Private 2 Week Program
Swing Evaluation Session (60 min)
+ 2 Open Practice Sessions (60 min each)


Private 1 Month Program
Swing Evaluation Session (60 min)
+ 1 Follow Up Private Session (60 min)
+ 3 Open Practice Sessions (60 min)


Private 3 Month Program
Swing Evaluation Session (60 min)
+ 3 Follow Up Private Training Sessions (60 min)
+ 6 Open Practice Sessions (60 min)


Performance Programs

Private Coaching
Swing Evaluation Session (60 min)
+ 10 Follow Up Private Training Sessions (60 min)


Beginner Lesson Program

Get Golf Ready Program
4 Private Lessons (60 min each)
+ 4 Open Practice Sessions (60 min)
+ Access To Online Video Drill Content ($89 value)


Open Practice Sessions

Open Practice times provides students with the opportunity to enhance their lesson program with additional practice. Open Practices are 1 hour sessions with a maximum number of 3 students hitting at any given time.  During Open Practice students have access to Training Aids along with MEVO Launch Monitors when available.  Open Practice will start December 2020.

Open Practice Pricing -
Single Open Practice Sessions (1 hour) $25
5 Practice Sessions (1 hour each) $100
10 Practice Sessions (1 hour each) $150

* All above pricing is subject to 13% HST