Junior Winter Golf Lessons

Derek Highley, PGA Professional
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Junior Winter/Indoor Golf Programs

Canadian Fade Golf Academy's Junior Golf Programs are designed to bring the next generation of golfers to the sport of golf through a fun and interactive program.  Canadian Fade Junior Programs are focused on developing golfers by keying in on Golf's Essential Skills.

Junior Programs are designed to have the students learn through experimentation in the form of skill stations, self-challenge and competitive games, holding their attention and peaking their appetite for improvement while maintaining a learning environment that is both fun and effective.

Our goal is to help students develop athletically, build their golf skills, and learn to love the game.

Golf struggles to attract young athletes because many junior lesson programs continue to teach kids like they teach adults. Lessons focus too much on the technical aspects of the golf swing making it too complicated and boring for young golfers. 

Each of our sessions is carefully planned to engage golfer's interest, develop important movement patterns, and teach fundamental golf skills.

We are confident that your son or daughter will not only love coming to the coaching and training sessions, but will also develop golf skills that will lay the foundation for their future success and enjoyment.

2020/2021 Junior Winter Group Training Program - Start Dates Coming Soon

Junior Winter Group Coaching Class Descriptions

Junior Development Class

 - School Aged Kids grade 4 to 8

$125 per month

Our Junior Development Class is designed to provide our less experienced Junior Players or those who are new to the game with a weekly golf lesson that will quickly build confidence and skill. Each week the Juniors will learn aspects in all areas of the game. Full Swing, Chipping, Pitching and Putting.

Weekly Classes - 60 minutes per week
Sundays - Class Schedule Coming Soon

  • 2007 to 2011 Age Group
  • No Experience Required
  • Equipment Provided if Needed
  • Fun and Dynamic Program
  • Group Size Limited to 3 to 1 Student to Coach Ratio

    Junior Peak Performance Class 

    The Junior Peak Performance is for our more experienced Junior Players who have been playing golf for a number of years, keeping score and are either already playing in competitive events or have interest in getting into competitive golf.

    - 2007 to 2011 Age Group
    - Designed for the more Avid Junior Golfer
    - Plenty of Individual Attention Within a Group Setting
    - Full Swing through Short Game Skill Building
    - Small Group, Max 3 to 1 Student to Coach Ratio


    High School Development Class

    Perfect for the High School aged student interested in learning how to golf.  The weekly sessions expose the student to golf's most important skills using drills and games to quickly build confidence and ability.  

    - 2002 to 2006 Age Group
    - No Experience Required
    - Equipment Provided if Needed
    - Fun and Dynamic Program
    - Group Size Limited to 3 to 1 Student to Coach Ratio


    High School Peak Performance

    The High School Peak Performance program is specifically designed to advance the playing ability of High School Athletes who are currently playing on their High School Golf Team, in Tournaments or would like to get involved in golf at a competitive level.

    - 2002 to 2006 Age Group
    - Designed for the Competitive or Aspiring to be Competitive High School Player
    - Weekly Competitive Games and Challenges
    - Full Swing through Short Game Skill Building
    - Clear Benchmarking and Feedback to Track Current Skill Level and Progress

    Pricing - $ per student

    Open Practice

    Get a little extra practice in during our Open Practice sessions. These time slots allow you to come in and continue to work on what you have been learning and building during your classes. During the Open Practice students will have access to the training aids used during classes so as to get a little more training in on your own time.

     Open Practice (Junior Players:  2007 And Younger Require Adult Supervision)  
    Open Practice Pricing -
    Single Open Practice Sessions (1 hour) $25
    5 Practice Sessions (1 hour each) $100
    10 Practice Sessions (1 hour each) $150

    * Above pricing is subject to 13% HST

    Junior Winter Private Instruction

    Junior Private Lesson Program - (10 to 14yrs old)

    Program consists of 4 Private Lessons (30 min each)

    The Private sessions are an ideal compliment to one of our group sessions for the junior golfer who may be looking for or is in need of a bit more 1 on 1 attention. The Private Sessions can be a benefit for juniors at either ends of experience level. For the complete beginner the extra 1 on 1 can provide them with the boost they need to feel a bit more comfortable and confident when they are involved in a group program and for the more experienced or competitive player the 1 on 1 can provide additional time to focus on specific aspects of instruction that are geared to more advanced play.

    A good option for both beginner and experienced junior golfers.

    Beginning Juniors are introduced to the fundamentals of the golf swing and develop a solid foundation.

    Experienced Juniors will continue their development of golf's key skills, building on their technique and style.


    Private Lesson Package (4 lessons) $125 +HST

    Please complete our Contact Us Form, call 226-926-7060 or email derek@canadianfade.com to register your child for Junior Golf Lessons or for more information