On Ramp - Intro To Peak Performance

Derek Highley, PGA Professional
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What is "On Ramp"?

Our On Ramp program is the first step on a path to improvement for students who are really looking to make advances in their golf game.  The On Ramp is an essential piece of the instruction process and is used as an introduction to our Peak Performance Program.

On Ramp is a 2 hour group clinic that will introduce students to "Skill Based" training. What does this mean? Well, golf is a skill based game and for recreational players there are 3 very important skills that you must be aware of in order to practice and perform to the best of your potential. Over the course of the 2 hours students will be given a clear understanding of these key skills and learn how to measure their current ability level and then move onto how to practice effectively and efficiently in order to turbo boost improvement.

Now Is A Great Time To Be Taking Golf Lessons - Using Technology Now Allows Us To Effectively Teach Without Subjecting Students To The "Do This ... Then This" Methods Of The Past

*On Ramp Sessions Get Started Mid April, 2018*

(2 Hour Clinic - $35 Per Student - 8 Student Max)

We have scheduled extra On Ramp sessions early in the season to allow plenty of opportunity for students to get involved and get a jump start on the season. Student who attend an early On Ramp session will be ready to go and able to sign up for our Peak Performance Programs which will be getting started mid May. If you are unable to attend an early On Ramp classes not too worry we will be holding On Ramp session bi-weekly throughout the season, you can always attend one of the later sessions and then jump into a Peak Performance Program if spots are available.

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Current Dates:

April Dates -

May Dates -

Tuesday April 17th - 10am to 12pm  (cancelled due to weather) Thursday May 3rd - 11am to 1pm
Saturday April 21st - 10am to 12pm Sunday May 6th - 3pm to 5pm (Currently Full)
Friday April 27th - 5pm to 7pm Thursday May 10th - 11am to 1pm
Saturday April 28th - 12pm to 2pm  

If you are still not really clear on what the On Ramp is all about please feel free to contact me directly with any questions. If you are curious to know what this is all about I invite you to come out and experience this better way of learning and experiencing golf instruction. I'll guarantee you it will be the best $35 you have ever spent on a golf lesson.