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What is "On Ramp" Skills Clinic?

When a golfer starts to become frustrated with their game the source of the frustration can usually be placed into one or a combination of three buckets.  The golfer is struggling with consistency of Contact, Direction or Distance.  Ultimately these are the skills that need to be improved.  What golfers may end up describing as their issue, "lift my head", "take my eye of it", "swing too fast" etc.. etc.. are really no more than feelings and random arbitrary thoughts that are often rooted in wrong concepts.

The On Ramp Skills Clinic covers golf's most important Skills and focuses fixing on golfers most common issues.  Students learn key concepts and how to effectively and efficiently practice.   The On Ramp Skill Clinic also serves as a great intro to our Peak Performance Program for those who wish to continue on their path to a better golf game.

On Ramp is a 2 hour group clinic that will introduce students to "Skill Based" training. What does this mean? Well, golf is a skill based game and for recreational players there are 3 very important skills that you must be aware of in order to practice and perform to the best of your potential. Over the course of the 2 hours students will be given a clear understanding of these key skills and learn how to measure their current ability level and then move on to how to practice effectively and efficiently in order to turbo boost improvement.

*On Ramp Skill Clinics Get Started Mid April, 2020*

(2 Hour Clinic - $50 Per Student - 8 Student Max)

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Current Dates: 

(Adult Clinic - Open to students 18 yrs and over)

New Dates Coming Soon

If you are still not really clear on what the On Ramp Skills Clinic is all about please feel free to contact me directly with any questions. If you are curious to know what this is all about I invite you to come out and experience this better way of learning and experiencing golf instruction. I'll guarantee you it will be the best $50 you will ever spend on a golf lesson.