Supervised Practice

The most important aspect of your quest to improve your golf game is in the practice. Golf Lessons are not going to make you better, it is the practicing of what you learn in lessons that make you better.

Students involved with lesson programs will have access to Supervised Practice.   There will always be a mix of days and times in order to best accommodate students varying schedules.  

Supervised Practice is a companion program to your instruction and provides you with the opportunity to hit balls under the watchful eye of your instructor to make sure that you are getting the full benefit of your practice time by employing proper purposeful practice.


How Does Supervised Practice Work?

A number of our Group and Private Programs have Supervised Practice Sessions as part of the program.  For students who have access to Supervised Practice the first step is to reserve your spot in a given session.  Students can search for available class times through the link below.  Upon arrival at the practice centre students are responsible for their own bucket of balls for Supervised Practice, these can be purchased at the main ball shack.  After purchasing balls, students can make their way down to Canadian Fade Golf Academy's private section of the range on the far left hand side.  Your coach will be there to assist those in attendance with setting up their practice session, answering questions and helping with drills.

Click Here to Check Days and Times of Supervised Practice

After clicking on the link above, look for the Supervised Practice section and click on "Dates and Locations", select your preferred class to reserve your spot.  For 2020 it is important that we monitor the number of students attending any on Supervised Practice Session.  Currently we are going to be setting the limit to 6 students.   Additional practice sessions will be added as demand requires.

For further information on any of the lessons programs please feel free to contact me through the Contact Form, telephone: 226-926-7060 or by Email and I will be more then happy to answer any of your questions.