Swing Evaluation Session

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Your First Step On The Path To Better Golf

A Swing Evaluation Session is an invaluable part of the teaching/learning process and should be the first piece of any lesson program.  A Swing Evaluation serves many very important functions.

A Swing Evaluation Session is the perfect lesson for keying in on the part of your current game that is giving you problems.

With the use of Video Analysis Software you will be able to separate "real from feel" by being provided with immediate visual feedback of your swing.

Whether you're looking to bring more consistency to your game, add a few more yards or increase your solidness of contact, during your Swing Evaluation Session we will overview your current technique, focus in on the area of needed improvement, discuss cause and effect and get you going on the path to better golf by providing specific drills for you to employ in your practice routine.

No more searching for the magic bullet with the latest swing tip. Get a Fact Based Diagnosis of your swing with a Swing Evaluation Session.

  • 60 Minute Session 
  • Overall Analysis of your current swing, diagnosis and prioritization of swing flaws
  • Swing Video Capture using state of the art V1 Software
  • Video Clips created of your lesson and emailed to you for your review 24/7 online
  • Lesson and Practice Plan created
  • Video Drills attached to your Lesson Review

  • 60 minute session - $85

  • Incorporating video allows us to make a fact based diagnosis of current skill level.
  • Discuss goals for your golf game in order to tailor a program to fit your needs.
  • Prioritize a plan for improvement focusing on the skills that need improvement in a logical manner.
  • Work on your improvement using drills designed to help you build feel and understanding of proper motion
  • Develop a practice routine that provides the best chance for making sure change is "learned", and work on practice techniques that will allow you to take your improvement from the range to the golf course.

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