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Winter Indoor Golf Lessons - Mid November Through March

Isn't technology great!  With the advancements that have been made over the years golfers looking to improve their games no longer have to worry about the changing seasons or inclement weather.

At Canadian Fade Golf Academy we continue teaching throughout the winter months at our Indoor Facility located at Fairways Golf Performance Centre (1992 Fanshawe Pk Rd W).

With Launch Monitors, Cameras and Swing Analysis Technology it is easy and extremely effective to continue to reach for and attain your golf goals all year round.

If you are looking to get a jump start on next season now is the perfect time to come in for an Indoor Swing Evaluation Session.   Whether you're looking to bring more consistency to your game, add a few more yards or increase your solidness of contact, during your Swing Evaluation Session we will overview your current technique and skill, focus in on the area of needed improvement, discuss cause and effect and get you going on the path to better golf by providing specific drills for you to employ in your practice routine.

Adult Winter Lessons

Indoor Golf Lessons London Ontario

We offer both Private and Small Group lesson and coaching programs during the winter.  The best way to start is with a Swing Evaluation Session then from there you can decide if Private, Group or a mix of both is the best fit for you...

Junior Winter Coaching

Junior Winter Golf Lessons London Ontario

Taking Junior Golf to New Heights.
Golf really is a game for a lifetime and providing kids with an early introduction to this sport really will pay off with their increased enjoyment of the game for years to come.  From the Beginner to the Competitive Player we offer a variety of Junior options ...

Winter Beginner Golf Programs

Beginner Golf Lessons London Ontario

Golf can be an intimidating game for some and often that becomes a large barrier for the Beginning Golfer.  Both our Private and Group Beginner Programs are designed to help students learn and enjoy this great game without overcomplicating things...

Detailed Club Data

Detailed Ball Flight Data


The Indoor Facility offers a great environment for working on your golf game.  Through the use of our Foresight GC Quad this state of the art Launch Monitor provides both teacher and student with accurate feedback and insight that makes skill development quicker and easier all year round.

By combining accurate Club and Ball impact data with V1 Video Technology students are provided with an ideal environment for gaining skill.

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Winter Golf Lessons - London Ontario